Long loading page when open long text pages


The page is loading (5sec) when trying to open a page with much text. I would appreciate it if this is faster someday.

To Reproduce:

    1. Paste a long text into a page
    1. Go a page back and open the page again


OS: Windows 10

Version: 0.17.7

Hey, @XxxBalCion !

Thank you for the feedback.

The page’s actions with the big amount of blocks (like 1000) start to slow down, you are right. We will optimise it someday, but that’s the tough one. For now, I recommend splitting the page into more pages and link them.


Page loading happens on all pages irrespective of the number of blocks in it. It happens even on pages with a single block. However, once the page is loaded, the next openings of the same page is almost instant until the app is restarted which brings back the loading issue the first time the same page is opened :thinking: This is on linux though. The same behavior is observed in opening and closing the store as well

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