Logs & Debug; how to retrieve Object ID for problem Object

Have an Object which refuses to Sync, retain changes, or is giving you other problems?

Here is how you can gather Object debug info for our Devs:

1. Open Anytype and navigate to:

  • File>Account Debug
    This will open a folder which will include a file called “debug-sync.json”

2. You can also supply the .log file for that Page:

  • File>Current Object Debug
    It will be be the most recently created file in that folder, usually at the very bottom.

3. If you’re not able to get the .log file (from step 2.) for the stuck syncing Object, you can retrieve it’s Object ID another way using Dev Tools and then copy/save it as .txt file:

This will allow us to observe the Sync status of that particular Object.

Finally, after collecting these files, you can create a Bug Report and upload them to your topic like this:
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