Logic in the Graph section

Good day!

It may be more logical to draw the view through a pass-through property.
For example , we have a scheme:
Organization (object type) => Division (object type that refers to the Organization) => Department (Object type that refers to the Division and Organization or only to the Organization) => Employee (Contact type, refers to the Organization, Division and Department)
The scheme of this representation looks like a tangled web:

Isn’t it more logical for this object to be connected by a logical chain through the same type of end-to-end objects? For example, like this (in the example, an end-to-end object, i.e. an object that is the same for all records is “Organization”):

In the example presented, all objects in the properties have a reference to the previous object, respectively, unnecessary links between the final and initial should not be displayed.

You can, of course, create a card in which only the final department of the place of work is indicated, but in this case visibility is lost in the same contact card:

As a result, Rollup fields partially solve this problem, but currently the existing functionality works as presented.

Why partially? Because in this situation, substitution should work. Ie:

  1. If you choose just a “Place of work”, then ok, let it be just that.
  2. If “Division” is selected, then the place of work should be automatically filled in from properties to Divisions.
  3. If a department is selected, then “Division” and “Organization” should be filled in automatically.

Next - filtering (it’s for “Types and Relations”):
If we select “Organization”, then the related objects “Division” and “Department” should be filtered by “Organization”. We may well have the same department, say “Sales Department”, in 10 organizations, and these are different chains of information.

Thanks to the development team. I wish you success in the development of the project.