Local x Synced x Shared Data

Here’s what I’d like to be able to do in (post alpha) Anytype, regarding how my data is (or isn’t) synced/shared, and how.

Let me know of there are any incorrect information or assumptions below, or if something doesn’t make sense. I’m probably mistaken about at least a few things here, but since I haven’t seen this discussed at length yet, I thought I’d start a thread.

  1. Local data
    This should only be accessible on the device it was created. For content that is private/sensitive or that doesn’t need to be accessed in other devices. Ex: personal diary entries.

  2. Synced data
    Accessible only by my devices (where I’m logged in) which I explicitly decide to sync it to. There should be option for local network only sync (safer and more secure), or option to also sync using the internet (from anywhere). Ex: to do lists.

  3. Shared data
    Accessible (and optionally editable) online by whomever I decide to share it with, be it other Anytype users (ex: shared groceries list), individual non-Anytype users (with some sort of authentication; ex: sharing information about a project with a client) or anyone with the link (effectively functioning as a website, served by my device and/or potentially other devices running Anytype; ex: a professional portfolio website).

Some general notes:

User should be able to choose a default sharing option from the above for newly created content, and then be able to change it for individual objects.

There should be an option to choose if/how linked objects should be included in the sync/share, possibly setting a limit on how deep it should go in the graph, and/or allowing manual pruning.

It should always be very clear if/how a particular content is being shared/synced, and with whom (accidental sharing should be very difficult). One useful feature related to this would be to have the option of showing non-intrusive notifications whenever content is accessed from elsewhere.

Ideally there should also be device-specific syncing/sharing options. For example, if I have a laptop, a tablet and a phone, I might want each to have their own local data (not shared between them nor accessible from anywhere expect themselves), a few objects synced between laptop and tablet, a few between laptop and phone, and a few between all devices.

Edit: Forgot to mention. All content should be treated the same by Anytype, regardless of how/if it’s shared/synced.