Local Storage Location Folder & Sharing


I would like to ask where the local storage file is stored. & if it would be possible to share that local storage file on iCloud for example. Then other members of my team could access that folder & could theoretically get the same data on their Anytype app & it would work as a workspace sync & sharing. If that would obviously be possible.

Currently, the user doesn’t have control over where AnyType stores its data. On a Mac, it’s in ~/Library/Application Support/anytype - I don’t know the equivalent locations for Windows/Linux etc.

Workspace sharing is on the roadmap; I believe the team hope to have it available late this year - there’s some work to be done to get the supporting features in place (such as multiple spaces). That being so, I would not expect support for direct sharing of the local file store (but I don’t have inside info, so I might be wrong).

There are risks with your proposed approach (you might already have considered them): iCloud file sync isn’t 100% immediate (or, sometimes, reliable); there’s no mechanism for handling conflicts (if, for example, 2 users make changes to the same file)… It’s possible to build sync mechanisms to address these issues, but whether the team intend to do that, I don’t know. Maybe there’s room for a 3rd part plugin for this.

Of course, you could just hand over your (secret) recovery phrase to all your colleagues. Not sure how that fits with the terms of use and, of course, it completely compromises security. So please don’t. But you could. But you shouldn’t. :scream:

Thank you!

Mind sharing a bit more?

Where specifically within the application support folder? I couldn’t find the actual notes at all.