Local Data Storage is Huge


My local data directory is huge (>500MB) compared to what I have stored (just a few texts and a few small images). I understand all the change history is saved, too.

Is there a way to purge the data or maybe the change history?



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@roncz I don’t think you can purge or delete the version history yet.


Just for your information, I have uninstalled Anytype, deleted the local data folder and then re-installed the app. Now the data folder is only 20MB after sync.

I did so because of this discussion here: https://community.anytype.io/t/-/2210. A nice side effect was that the folder is small now.


@roncz Awesome!! I’m glad it worked for you!! :smiley:

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@roncz Hi! I have the same problem as you, the app is much bigger than it should be with what it contains. Could you use the same “unique invite code” to reinstall the app? Thanks!

@Camille You should use the passphrase generated to login again . I have reinstalled few times and used the passphrase to login. works fine

@Tanzeel098 Great! Many thanks!!!

@roncz Yeah, I have just a few pages and also have 500+MB. I’m guessing the 500MB is just the app or something?

Would like to know what the devs say about this. Not that it’s a big issue. Just to know this is something they are aware of (and if it might change in any way).

Which folder is 500 MB for you?

My AnyType folder is 11 GB on Windows, and 1.9 GB on Linux. When I export to Markdown, my zip file is 16 MB. In both cases, it’s the ipfslite folder eating up 90% of that. I don’t mind, I’ve got space and figured optimizing for storage, pruning version history, etc are far down on the alpha’s list of priorities, but if it’s 500 MB for some users and 11 GB for others, that’s odd.

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