Lite (or Performance) Mode

This one is far-fetched, as it’s not something I’ve seen in any other software. Not sure it’s possible.

Considering that Anytype has the potential to be the ultimate all-in-one note-taking and task tool, which would mean possibly containing a huge amount of data, I’d like there to be an option to access/add content in “Lite Mode”.

Usually users don’t mind waiting a few seconds for Anytype to open/close, or to perform certain operations.However, sometimes it’s essential to be able to perform certain basic actions quickly, and with minimal impact on my device’s performance.

For example, I just finished a run and I want to quickly add my time. Or I’m in the airport and want to quickly open up my travel plan page. In these situations, I don’t want to be waiting for the full app to open, with all its features and full database index. For these situations, I’d open/access this content in “Lite Mode”.

This would also be extra useful for those using slower devices, or in situations were performance is crucial. For example, a scientist might need to run processor-heavy experiments on a laptop, while still being able to view and do basic editing on a page in Anytype.

I’m thinking ahead here. If Anytype indeed fulfills even half of what it’s setting out to do, I’ll want to keep everything (work, personal, admin) in the app. If this means performance will be sluggish in certain situations/devices, this would be a huge limitation.

Like I said, I’ve never seen this in any other software (Photoshop doesn’t have a Lite Mode for when you just want a Paintbrush-style app, for example), so I’m guessing this request is probably quite far-fetched. But perhaps someone could suggest some other solution for the problem which is more down-to-earth!

I wonder how a “lite-mode” would work where you are able to acces ALL your data and be faster/lighter then the main app. Might as well optimize the main app?

I feel like a quick add or quick note would benifit your usecase better. Where you can quickly add info, that you later sort or archive in the database you want.

Another option would be to have a options in the (mobile) app where you can deside what you want to initially load, for example don’t load images, sets, etc. Unless you open it manual or something. Like a performance menu with toggles to make the app faster.