Linux UI improvement (icon and scrolling bar)

Describe the bug

  1. Icon in the status bar is black, thus not visible unless the mouse goes over it. And as far as I remember, most Linux distros have a dark status bar. It has been a while I didn’t check on macOS but I think I had a similar kind of issue.

EDIT: icon is black when theme is in light mode. This problem is not visible in dark mode themes as the icon appears white.

  1. Scrolling bar on the right is not well integrated in the UI on the welcome page and overlaps menu burger button and question mark button (in v0.23.0)

To Reproduce
Open and use Anytype on Linux.

Expected behavior
I would expect a white status icon and no scrolling bar, or an integrated one. Also I’m not sure what is the default scrolling bar on Linux, but scrolling bars on Firefox, Thunderbird, GNOME File explorer, Terminal are way more good looking.

System Information:

  • OS: Fedora 35 Desktop
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: HP elitebook 835 G8
  • Anytype Version: 0.23.0
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Gnome does not show tray icons by default and so maybe the dark icon is caused by the extension? I’m on F35 and my tray icon is white on panel with Tray Icons reloaded extension

Thanks for your reply @lynxlove, it was interesting as it got me look into my different settings to get my icon white as yours. So I’m also using Tray Icons: Reloaded but this problem apparently doesn’t have to do with the extension; Tray Icons: Reloaded doesn’t have any option to tweak a single icon appearance. And I have other apps like Slack, Stretchly or Morgen that are showing in white or other visible colors. What I tried after looking for tray icons options is to check about my GNOME theming. It appears that the dark versions of themes are using a white icon for Anytype, but light themes versions (my case) are using the dark icon. This could be a great idea if the status bar was changing with the themes, however, on Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. the status bar doesn’t change with themes and remains black by default!
Thus, I think Anytype should leave its tray icon white by default, and add the option to change it manually for the case of people using “light” status bars. For example, the iOS app have this option of changing the launcher icon and I think this is a really nice idea that should be deployed on every devices, for launch as well as tray icons.

ah my bad. You are indeed coreect. I’ve configured tray icons reloaded to set every tray icons to white irrespective of their color. And I just saw reports of the same on macOS in discord / telegram and I guess this is a valid issue :sweat_smile:

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Also made a bug report here:

Sorry, I didn’t got your result of the “tray icon” investigation.
On my Linux I have a black bar and the icon shows in white.

Thanks for the bug report.

About the tray icon, as mentioned above with @lynxlove, are you using a light or a dark GNOME theme?
And what are you using to display those icons? I personally use Tray Icons: Reloaded (Tray Icons: Reloaded - GNOME Shell Extensions)
If regarding this, we are in the same conditions, that could mean the issue is distribution-related (obviously Fedora here).

Im using a dark Gnome theme. No additional extension.

Alright, as mentioned here

the issue with the icon appears with a light theme, making the Anytype icon black, while the status bar remains black (and not white); and black over black…well.
This issue is not visible with a dark theme because the Anytype icon turns white in a black status bar.

Just switched to the light theme on my Gnome. Yeah the bar is still the same colour, you are right. And the Anytype icon switched and then it doesn’t fit anymore.

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