Linux Packaging - Switch away from AppImage

AppImages are designed for portable applications, and so they don’t really fit Anytype’s use case. A much simpler solution would be creating a tar.gz archive which distribution maintainers could package and publish to their own repositories. The majority of Linux apps already use this approach, and it actually requires much less work than building an AppImage. If the Anytype team also still wants to personally distribute/maintain a simple universally installable version of the app, I would suggest creating a Flatpak and publishing it to Flathub (while still keeping the archive version).

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Most likely all current distribution methods for Anytype are temporary in some way, e.g. Firebase for Android testing, the Linux distribution method, etc. They are intentionally limiting how Anytype is accessed and installed, I think. But these are good thoughts for the future when distribution is more open.

@Oshyan I agree, I’m expecting the distribution methods to change by release, and publishing this alpha to Flathub wouldn’t be the best idea. However, the “archive” method is still a good option in this alpha period as it requires less work for the Anytype team, and Linux users can actually install the app like the Windows and MacOS versions can rather than just run a portable executable.


Anytype on Flathub would make things so much easier!