Links look like normal text on Desktop app

Describe the bug
Links to other objects look like normal text.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a link to another object (page or whatever)
  2. The link looks like regular text without underlining or anything to distinguish it from normal text

Expected behavior
The link has something to distinguish it from normal text (underlining etc.)

System Information:
Mac, Windows, Linux…
Anytype 0.25.4


I’m not sure if that’s a bug or the improvement mentioned on Anytype Desktop 0.25.4

Either way, I prefer the underline.

I don’t find this an improvement either :wink:

I think the links mentioned in the release notes are about bookmarks, because those have text content and images, but can’t be sure though.

Agreed! Ever since the style of the Link to object links have changed in recent Desktop versions, it’s been difficult to differentiate it from normal text.

However, it looks like @mentions have been left alone, with a much thicker and noticeable outline than the Link to object block.

I believe a suitable solution to this issue would not only be to return the bolder underline in a Link to object text style block, but also to add other differentiating elements as well - such as a monogram or page icon, like how Notion does.


Also interesting to mention that on the latest 0.26.1 Desktop release, the default Link to object style is Card, not Text. Perhaps the usage of the Text block is being discouraged in favor of the Card style.

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Possibly related:
A few days ago I created a few links on the Android app and realized they weren’t underlined.

As I was about to create a Bug report I tested again and this time the created links appeared underlined. I hadn’t updated the app between tests… So not sure what happened.

Links to other objects are underlined again so this is fixed.

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