Links in object titles


Titles of objects should be able to contain links to other objects.


The usual @-notation will work, so that links can be added the same way as in any other text area. When the object title is displayed as itself (not as a link), then the links within it should be underlined and followable as normal. When the title is displayed as a link to its object, then links within it should be ignored. Because of this latter behavior, nested links will not cause trouble.


I sometimes need the title of one object to contain a link to another object. This is because the text of links to an object is updated when the title of that object is updated. When the title of one of my objects A includes the title of another object B, there’s no way for me to establish that link so that the title of A will be automatically updated if the title of B is updated.

Probably this feature should only be implemented if it happens to be a low-hanging fruit. Otherwise it would make more sense to make this possible as part of a broader computed-relation effort. The values of relations should be computable from the values of other relations, perhaps on other objects. No reason for titles not to be included in this.


Right now I use a system of manual reference tracking. I made an object reference relation “Title referrers”, which I use to store references to all other objects that use the object’s title in their own title. But as you can imagine this is tedious and, when an object’s title is popular in other titles, potentially time-intensive to update.

I support this feature request. I am in a process of migration of more than 10.000 documents from Zim to Anytype. Since Anytype doesn’t support nested hierarchical documents, a structure of pages and sub-pages changes during import into a large amount of equal documents in a flat structure. Since flat structure doesn’t work well with thousands of equal documents (their graph is very slowly rendered and very disarranged), I am forced to merge many nested sub-pages into their parents, so the result is a small amount of very large documents, divided into many sections and subsections, with a very long table of contents. For this reason section linking is a very important feature.

Looks like this feature request is the same to the following request, except it does not specify to using @. Trying searching on the forum before you need to write the whole thing up, it saves you time for more new feature request :wink:.

It’s not quite what I’m asking for, since it will require the user to first place the object they want to link to into a relation on the object. Which is cool in itself, but my FR wants to be able to add the link directly in the title, not get the link indirectly by referring to a relation which then refers to the target object. The two can be used to achieve identical effects, but the other FR can do things above and beyond what I’m asking for at the cost of additional mouseclicks and keypresses. And those extra interactions I want to avoid, because they’ll slow me down. And also I don’t want to create relations “Title link 1”, “Title link 2”, “Title link N”, when my title needs to link to multiple other objects.

@ is definitely a quick way to link objects, no matter if it is adding to blocks or titles.
Most likely ‘Link in title’ is easier to implement compared to ‘title from relation’.

But perhaps the reason why I find it the same is the logic behind such implementation.

  1. Treat Title as block
  2. Make connection from title

Thus, I thought it might be sparkle more discussions if we consider both together.

As a side note, linking multiple things might requires Multi-dimensional relations.

P.S. Anytype team is reworking on relations which would hopefully make creating relations (not link) easier. See Mark your calendars! Our next Town hall is 27 July at 18:00 CEST

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@MrsBasilEFrankweiler can you confirm that this is what you are asking for:

They seem really similar requests to me.

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Yeah, that one does seem close enough to me. It doesn’t mention @-notation, but I’ll just make a reply there adding it. I didn’t find it because it uses the words “reference” and “name”, when I searched for “link” and “title”. Ah well.

I think this means this entire topic can be safely deleted without any loss to the conversation.


I will move this conversation over there so no worries.

Edit: I read the whole thread and I think there is no need to move, so maybe someone else can follow this title to the other request too.


TL;DR duplicate of: Allow inline reference in object name

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