Links broken in email notifications from the forums

Since I can’t post in Meta, I’m posting here: the email notifications from this forum are fairly poor. The links to view/reply on the forum almost never work, and quoting of new content also seems inconsistent at times. I remain sadly unimpressed with Flarum :confused:

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I agree! We’re using a plugin called PrettyMail which clearly isn’t up to the task! I’ll have a look and see what we can do. We’re drawing up plans to migrate to something else, so hopefully those e-mails will get better soon — one way or another!

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Realtime follow-up. I may actually be the reason they were janky in the first place. I’ve made some changes – let me know next time you get an email. You are the champion of Flarum according to our leaderboards!

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@endac Thanks, I’ll see how it goes! Hopefully an improvement.

If you’re still thinking of switching, I think Discourse is the obvious choice. Having now used the Anytype forums (and Flarum because of that) for months, I can say with great confidence that the Discourse experience is way better. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: And fortunately for Anytype’s ideals it too is open source!

Of course the Discourse hosting resource requirements are a bit different and some higher needs like RAM I think. But hopefully that’s not an issue.

Also just saw there’s a sort of beta of an import script, for what it’s worth:

Well, I think there is a working link in the post, but oddly it’s the text of the person’s name, not the text that’s supposed to be the link. It looks like this (where /d/23/3 is supposed to be a link, but isn’t, and the person’s name is)

Now that I know it works this way, it’s workable, just confusing.

@Oshyan @endac I have fixed that. Proper forum experience from now :slight_smile:

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