Links are not clickable in "Printed" PDFs

I am trying to share my anytype pages with a collaborator. Because there is no way to host pages online, I have been exporting select pages to PDF and sending them.

However when I “print” to export PDFs of anytype pages, hyperlinks (e.g., “Google” → are lost. They show up as underlined text but are not clickable. I have confirmed this with multiple PDF readers (MacOS Preview & Google Chrome).

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 11.35.50 AM

@tony thanks for reporting! Also confirmed on Windows, Anytype 0.27.0.

Could you please stick to the template? That makes it easier to identify relevant information like OS and ensure all relevant information is available. Which version of Anytype are you using?

So sorry – didn’t realize there was a template. Please let me know what else I missed and I will add.

Version: 0.27.0
MacOS Monterey 12.5

Hello, I am a QA from the Anytype team. Written hyperlinks open as links in various PDF-readers. Only links placed in the text do not open. At the moment, their opening is not possible in PDF.

Thanks for acknowledging the issue! Are there plans to add this as a feature?

Yes, fix in the backlog. We will do this in priorities order as usual :pray: