Linking to objects that don't exist, and having spaces in links

The Problem:

Sometimes you want to create placeholder links for an object to explore later, but just keep as a link for now. This could be useful for knowledge bases where you want to focus on one thing at a time, but want to open up new links that you can create later. Maybe you know you want to make an object on a piece of information but don’t know enough about it, or don’t know what type best represents it, or you just will come back to it later.

Proposed solution:

It would be helpful to have it as an unused link, and then you can click it to form a new object. It could also be helpful to have spaces in these unlinked objects, as any object name with a space would immediately cancel the link, only making the 1st object part of it.

Honestly, this might just be solved by adding an option in the settings to change if you want the @ menu and other similar ones, to create the object immediately, or to just use it as a placeholder for later.

That’d be a welcome change I think. I think it would be pretty simple to have an option to create links for objects that don’t exist yet

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