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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
When I’m taking notes, I often find myself wanting to connect two related ideas (blocks) together within the same object, or in another object. Right now, there’s no way to directly link to a block, but being able to link to a particular block on an object canvas would be greatly beneficial for studying and information management.

Describe the solution you’d like
I would find a feature to @ link a specific block within an object to be useful, so clicking on the link would take me directly to the specified point in the object canvas.

One way in which I imagine how this could work is in the existing @ menu. There could be a button next to the object entry, and pressing that button will open up the object in another window, instead of linking it straight away, like what happens now. From that point, the user can select a block that they’d like their link to point to, which will then be linked into their current object.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Making a note of which concept or section I’m referring to is always possible, but it feels cumbersome and introduces friction when it’s time to retrieve that information.


I made a similar request a while ago. Basically my suggestion is to eliminate the distinction between Block and Object, thus increasing the granularity of all operations/functionalities (including referencing, as you mention).

From my suggestion:

  • What is now called an “Object” is really just a Block with children Blocks (paragraphs, images, properties etc)
  • Everything is a Block, which can be nested within each other
  • What are now called “Blocks” are types of Blocks (Paragraph Block, Bullet Block, Image Block etc.)
  • What is now called a “Relation” is a Property Block. When nested under another Block, it gives its parent that property. The actual value for the property is given by its children Blocks.
  • What is now called a “Set” is a Data Block (or maybe Aggregator Block?). It requires two children Property Blocks, one for Query (ex: Grab all Blocks containing a Property Block called “Due Date”) and one for View(ex: Calendar)
  • What are now called “Types” are really “parent types”, containing one or more children types (as well as any other type of Blocks)

Link to my full post:

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