Library Renders Nonfunctional after Deleting all Types


Note: I advise that community members do not try to reproduce this and accidentally empty the bin, thus possibly losing all library functionality.

I happened to create a set of types in the Anytype beta app and deleted all of them/moved them to the bin (in hopes that it might fix some of my other problems). Rather, even though I had numerous objects that were still of these types, I went to the library and unlike the legacy app, the only type that was still in my library was the Video type (even after reloading and quitting/restarting the app). I tried to reinstall some of the types that are available in the library, but that did not work. It did nothing. However, I did not empty the bin and was able to restore the types. The library works fine now and I am able to install additional types just fine. I do not quite understand why the library became nonfunctional when deleting all the types that I had - it was unexpected to say the least.


  1. Create a set of all types.
  2. Select all of them (done by dragging, shift select, CTRL+A)
  3. Move to bin (using the delete key)
  4. Still have objects that utilize the deleted types.
  5. Go to the library and try to reload to restore types or reinstall types from the library.
  6. Find that it is impossible to reinstall these types


Even though I deleted all of the existing types that I had, I would have expected:

  1. After reloading the app, the types reappear because most of my objects still use them and therefore the type should exist because the objects of such type exist (as happened in the legacy app, making it sometimes frustratingly impossible to delete types or relations because they were still in use).


  1. One would at least expect the library to remain functional and still be able to install/reinstall new or deleted types.


  • Device:
    Dell Inspiron 15 3511
  • OS:
    Windows 11 22H2 (Insider Build 23440.1000)
  • Anytype Version:

I’ll give this my vote, too, as deleting base Types (and Relations) breaks Anytype Set queries. They should not be deletable, but somehow is possible, when for example deleting everything from a Set based on Relation “Creation Date”. Restoring the base Types and Relations from the bin, Set functionality is restored :slight_smile:

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This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be implemented in an upcoming release.

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