Less friction when adding objects/relations to Sets in Grid view

On the desktop app, adding a new object in Set Grid view just adds a new row, which is great (it doesn’t assume you’ll want to enter a Name first, or at all). It’s also good that it’s possible to add values to Relations just by clicking on the empty cells.

I’d like this to be just as frictionless on the Android app. When I add an Object, I’d like it to just add a row. Then I’d like to be able to tap on any empty cell and input its value. (Currently the app opens up the object, which makes it not very practical for entering data on the go)

The Set Grid view in the app does allow editing existing Relation values, so I guess it would be a matter of also allowing the empty cell to be interacted with?

(This is another of those requests that I’m almost certain someone else has requested it before. But I couldn’t find any using the search in this forum)

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In the current design, the cells in the Name column of the Grid view work as navigation anchors to the object.

So I guess that the design approach (for this specific cell) favours ‘linking’ over editing:

  • if you click anywhere on the cell, you are directed to the object page.
  • if you want to edit it, you have to click on the pencil icon

From your request, it seems that you want to invert this approach, to favour editing over ‘linking’:

  • if you click anywhere on the cell, you can edit it
  • if you want to navigate, you would have to click on a navigation icon.

Your other request seems to favour this approach too, in the sense that it would be much easier do edit different cells if the user can navigate the view with the keyboard:


It makes sense to me that some users, or even the same user at different times, would favour one approach over the other. So it would be nice to be able to toggle between these ‘two modes’.


This discussion slightly touches upon this matter, because it deals with de role of the Name column on the Grid view:


Quoting myself from there:

@thiago_nascimentodf Not sure I follow. My request is for the Android app. Tapping any empty cell (not just the Name one) opens the object (instead of simply allowing to add a value to it, as it happens in the desktop app). Does that make sense? (I have the latest app version. Maybe this changed recently?)

@qualquertipo, sorry. That’s my bad. I didn’t see the Android tag. All I said applies to Desktop.

I edited the comment and moved it to the following thread:

[Ability to navigate a Set in table view using the keyboard only](Ability to navigate a Set in table view using the keyboard only)

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So I just tried again adding values to an empty cell and… it worked!

Weird, as it’s the same app version. I’m 100% sure I tried many times a couple days ago and it didn’t work.

I’ve seen other similar threads, where users report inconsistent behavior (especially on Android). Hopefully this is being worked on.