Learning anytype

I’ve benn using any type for about a week and I’m really lost I don’t really know what I’m doing and I’m stuck not knowing how to use the app, can anyone please assist me by giving me some tutorials I can watch or Mabye how I should learn the app

hi there! have you previously used notion or obsidian?

i could maybe help you to learn it by referring to the features notion and obsidian have (i learnt anytype through comparing it to the features of notion and obsidian)

I used to use notion so this very helpful thank you

ok hope this helps then!

Like database properties in Notion but not restricted to one database

Objects are like pages that can be catgorised

  • Instead of just making a new page you can make a new “weekly” page/object or “daily” page/object which automatically has its own template and features compared to a normal notion page

Sets are data that takes objects that may be placed in other areas of your notes and puts them in a unified database - you primarily use the query function to populate this database

  • kind of like tags in obsidian but you also have the ability to make sets for relations as well as objects
  • like the relation & rollup function in notion but the relation is to literally the rest of your data instead of only another database
  • I use it to put all my German translations from my individual daily plans in one area and use it to conglomerate data I put in other objects/pages into one place.

Collections are, from what I understand, more contained databases. Information made in a collection would most likely be new entries and would also probably be information that is only important to this database.

  • table of certain data that’s not put or needed in other places of your notes
  • I can imagine using it for grammar tables/notes, budgeting and calculating stuff

More controllable version of an Obsidian/Notion sidebar - let’s you choose what page/object/collection/set you’d like to show in your sidebar


Have you tried reading trough our official documentation already? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve just started reading them I didn’t know they existed so thanks a lot they are really helpful


My recommendation is to also go through all the AnyType YouTube videos - helped me a great deal to conceptualise what is going on (and gain a few ideas along the way).


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