Layout type optimized for mobile sets

What Do You Recommend?

The way sets realign themselves on mobile to look like the standard OS table view is really great and makes sets actually usable on mobile…even when they contain a large number of columns. But once you click into an item, it’s really inconvenient to work with. Because none of the default layouts are designed for working with relations - you get all the relations listed at the top of the screen with really hard to tap targets + an 80% empty screen. Also, it’s not immediately obvious the relation that each value is for.

How Could It Be Done?

If there was a layout that was basically identical to the panel that pops up when you view relations on mobile it would be perfect.

Real World Use-Cases

Real world use cases would be using a mobile device to manage inventory. You could add new items or edit existing items in a table, and have a very mobile friendly UI to set or modify the relations.

Recommended Alternatives

Current workaround is to open the item > click the 3 dots on the top right > choose relations to open the relations panel > then edit the relations in a more optimal UI.