Keyboard Won't Appear When Filtering 'Links to/from'

Describe the bug

When you tap ‘Filter’ in ‘Links to’ or ‘Links from’, the keyboard will not appear until you tap ‘Filter’ again.

To Reproduce

    1. Tap the button in the middle at the bottom of the screen (between Search and Create-a-new-page).
    1. Tap the ‘Filter’ text field.
    1. The text field and list of pages will be fullscreen but the keyboard will not appear until you tap ‘Filter’ for the second time.

Expected behavior

The keyboard should appear the first time I tap ‘Filter’.


  • OS: Android 7
  • Version: 0.1.4

Additional context


@BGray Hi! I tried to reproduce it in the 1.6 version but I can’t. Does it still reproduce for you?

@Kirill_Lem I can’t test it becuase I don’t have access to the latest version of the app (had to quit Telegram).

@BGray Please, write an email, and we will send you the latest app version

@Kirill_Lem I can still reproduce it on 0.1.6. See the attached video. filter-keyboard.3gp

@BGray Hi! I tried to open your video, but it opens like {“errors”:[{“status”:“404”,“code”:“not_found”}]}

Can you reload it?

@Kirill_Lem [Here you go](

@BGray Thank you! I have reproduced and added it to the bug tracker.

@BGray the search functionality changed a bit since release 0.1.4/0.1.6. When I use the magnifying glass button on the home page (left most of the three) the keyboard appears right away. The same is the case when I have an object open and use the magnifying glass icon at the bottom right of the screen (in the bottom menu bar).

Could you check whether that is the case for you, too?

I can confirm the behavior is exactly as you described on my end. It looks like links to/from is not present in the app anymore, so the issue is not even relevant.

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