Keyboard Should Appear When I Tap Anywhere Below the Last Block

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

When I open a page with lots of white space below some text, I tend to quickly tap the empty space to open up the keyboard. Though, in Anytype, I need to precisely hit the last line to be able to type something. It would be great to have such a functionality, I am very used to it thanks to any other note taking app I’ve used.

Describe the solution you’d like

The keyboard could appear with the cursor at the last character of the last block when I tap somewhere on the page with no blocks.

Additional context

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Will be implemented in 0.1.1

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@Ubu I don’t think this has been adressed in 0.1.1. Please see the attached video. INVALIDUPLOAD e19d0788-14bd-4232-8d5f-c63b81b95f0f is missing from database—keyboard-tap.3gp

@BGray thanks for reporting! could you provide more details about your device and OS version?

@Ubu It is on Android 7.

@Ubu I still have the issue on Android 7, Anytype 0.1.2.

We will investigate more. Maybe it’s related to Samsung Keyboard

Upvote this! I believe this should also be possible for any block, not just the last one…

@poochy we have a long-tap → add block below for similar action

The requested behaviour seems to be implemented in (a version before) 0.6.1.