Keyboard shortcut to open Library view

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Currently it seems like the only way to get to the Library view is to go to the Home screen and then click on Library in the top right. This requires backing out of whatever I was doing at the time, which is a little annoying.

Describe the solution you’d like
It would be great to have a keyboard shortcut which takes you directly to the Library view from anywhere (alt-L maybe?). This would allow you to simply alt-left arrow to go back from the library to whichever Object you had open before.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
This would be less necessary if you could create new Types from within the Create Object dialogue, but would still be a nice addition regardless.


@QuantumJump with the introduction of the sidebar some versions ago you should be able to open the Library from the sidebar while you have any other Object open. I still think a shortcut is useful though!

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Yeah, as someone who uses stuff like i3 and vim, I’m very much of the opinion that the fewer times I need to take my fingers off the keyboard to use the mouse, the better