Kanban like view for week view in calendar

I’m merely suggesting that kanban view for calendar(weekly view) is cool.


    1. Having the whole week at a glance is more informational and let’s you get the bird eye view of the week.
    1. We can see what activities are done at what date. And in what sequence in a single view.
    1. Makes weekly planning FAST
    1. Kanban Style weekly view is a pleasurable/joyous way plan for the week ahead

What exactly is a “kanban view” in the context of a week/calendar? Isn’t it just a 1 week view of a calendar, like e.g. Google Calendar?

If you have something else in mind, can you provide an example, or mockup?

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Source : https://youtu.be/sjAOJUQ0zko


Ah yes, that’s a good example. I can see it looks kind of nice, but functionality it seems identical to the Google Calendar style, no?

@Oshyan The UI aspect and What it does and helps is important IMO. The kanban gives the flexibility in scheduling for a week an advantage of kanban style drag and drop and it is FAST to plan. And those who like kanban (like myself) having the week view in kanban style would make week planning simple. Since Anytype is going to be used for all sorts of way, this kanban style view and function like kanban will make weekly planning a pleasurable experience. Well things 3 when used is a pleasurable experience. That’s why you may hear people say that one of things on why they go back to things 3. Even though it lacks natural language processing compared to todoist.

Maybe not exactly the same but what I do in Notion with the Kanban view is have a property (or relation) for days of the week (monday to sunday) and have a Kanban view sorted on the week day property.

Which is not the same as a true week view but it does give me an overview of my week and my tasks.


@Jeroen I thought about this too, but Native is better than us manually doing it. And it would be better as we not have to configure every time for a new project.

@Srinath I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I do want to mention that the only real difference I can see between a Google Calendar-like week view and the Kanban view is purely aesthetic. You can already drag and drop between days. It’s just as fast.

In fact, a good calendar view is even faster and better than Kanban because not only can you create new items on a day view, but you can click-drag to define a duration for an event. Can’t do that in a Kanban because it’s not laid out by time-of-day.


@Oshyan I never use the drag to duration function. And it’s not a big deal for me.Maybe for some it will be. However many people would be glad to have natural language processing in calendar than drag to duration. I feel that Google Calendar clunky (for me). Kanban is like “things 3” for weekly view. I don’t know any better way to put it.

I would use this for my film project table i showed https://community.anytype.io/t/-/1507, for example.

I would use this now as “Status” view, not date. And i can drag one film-project from one column to the next (Colums: Research|Scripting|Filming|Editing|Published).

Same would go for ToDo-List, i would have Columns Open|Active|Waiting|Done as status for more complex tasks or even projects and with this kanban view i can just drag dem around as i like.

Maybe that explains it better than the date-example.

And a video with an example of it with timestamp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCD1C1WJhsA&t=545s

The most prominent use for kanban-boards is Trello, its used to plan weddings in this style or the week and what not. Examples are able to see https://trello.com/templates there, just to get a grasp of what it can be used to.

Maybe thats a better example @Oshyan :slight_smile:


@natrius What I proposed is not a kanban for project, which will be available in sets, but for calendar view. In particular, the weekly view. The "kanban " style weekly view gives a week tasks and event in kanban style, which we could move from say Tuesday to friday with drag and drop which is something I personally like and I hope it would be in Anytype. However kanban view for databases will be there in sets which you have said above.

Yeah, but it doesn’t matter. If a kanban view is implemented you can use it as weekly view as well. Just use the Date instead of status. Its versatile. But Oshyan was always pointing to calendar-view and he is correct, use calendar-view and change it to weekly. I just tried to show a different usecase of kanban-boards, because they are so versatile. It can be a weekly view, a project view, and a lot of what you like.

Sorry if i understood it wrong - should i open a new feature request?

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@natrius you don’t need to open one for kanban separately since there is already a feature request for it: https://community.anytype.io/t/-/1185. Do give it an upvote :grinning:


@natrius The way the weekly view should look like a “kanban” instead of Google calendar.

Example taken sunsama looks good and more functional. I.e look more like kanban+calendar view combined. I particularly like the sunsama view for weekly view.

We can only find how we could use it when kanban views are officially released.

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I think what @Srinath mean is the ability to see the columns as a continuous timeline that can be scrolled horizontally similar to Google Calendar. But, the “event” is more like a kanban card that is rather ‘simple’ with the ability to customize its info (displaying relations in canvas, eg: Assignee, Status, Due Date, etc.) like in Notion or Trello instead of vertical duration bars like in Google Calendar as @Oshyan mentioned.

So the feature requested is to make a built-in horizontal timeline in the set view.

But, knowing this…

I propose a system for the Set “View as”, there are Grid (that already exist) and the requested Kanban— both, to be able to be applied together with Horizontal Timeline View.

  • In Grid view, you can choose between 2 view formats.

One that is a regular Grid view that is now functioning.

The other one is combined with a horizontal timeline view and you got a Gantt view where you can see the duration as the bars lenght. [see my feature request for further explanation]('Action' Object Layout Request - Gantt Timeline View for The Dated Object)

  • In Kanban view, you can choose between 2 view formats. The Regular Column Layout and the Timeline Column Layout.

The Regular Column layout, is the one that you customize yourself (like how it function in Notion). The Card layout is basically the object canvas that the properties/info (relation, such as Assignee, Status, Due Date, etc.) are displayed and can be customized, exactly like how you see it in Notion.

The Timeline Column layout are those that built-in (which is the continuous horizontal timeline) which @Srinath elaborated above.

With the horizontal timeline view as an option to be applied on Grid and Kanban, we can go further than Notion in terms of flexibility on data display and it also makes more sense.



Yall talking about a calendar’s features, but are we even getting a calendar ? If yes, what’s the link to the thread ? Could n’t find it myself and I’d like to upvote it.

Cheers !

@Kandanu What I suggesting is in the image.

This should be possible to create yourself if kanban boards end up accepting dates as a source. Then you can just limited the view to the current week and that’s it.

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I have a lot of timed events in my iCal and having a Kanban view like shown by Srinath on Aug 21, 2021, would be perfect. Although I personally do not need the first column shown, the last column would be great, especially if it was imported from my iCal. I hate having to re-input all the events into 2 places!