Kanban drag and drop will drop the object to the left column

What’s The Bug?

When dragging and dropping an object on kanban board, if dropped into the white space below the last item in a column, the object gets dropped into the column left to that column

How To Reproduce It

  1. Drag an item on kanban board
  2. Drop it on the blank space below a column (ex. Column A)
  3. The item gets dropped to the column left to Column A

Image or Video

The Expected Behavior

The object to be dropped to the column at which the cursor is.


PC / Laptop


Windows 11

Anytype Version

v0.38.3 alpha

Technical Information

OS version: win32 x64 10.0.22621
App version: 0.38.3-alpha
Build number: build on 2024-02-01 15:09:42 +0000 UTC at #c3d8762ffffb01462992faf9592d3cb931dc7ed9 (dirty)
Library version: v0.31.0
Anytype Identity: AAi5pJduhfVPGFybxvwfrxfjBmhhyLX4TYz8toHRr1VDCYQc
Analytics ID: 3563472c-ac88-43d4-89f9-224d2db3c0b5
Device ID: 12D3KooWRgzAq3n8Grx4m66ejeEAJb2HW4M2XmwzqFBNW9bnjbhE

It’s just how UI works here. To drop the object into a column in kanban one has to drag it to a certain place there, not just under the column. These places highlight yellow lines but are not in all ranges of the drop area. So you dropped objects in the places presumed to be an area of left columns but they didn’t highlight

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I see, but logically it should be dropped to the end of that column, because the cursor was there.
I mean, that yellow divider is not triggered/visible, so, it’s more convenient that object gets dropped to the nearest column to where the cursor is.

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