Join us on Sep 14 for our next Town Hall!

EDIT: Link to recording below, password: ?PQT5DuZ

Hello dear community!

We’re cruising into September with tons of energy to ship some major projects between now and the end of the year. We’d love to share these with you in our next town hall. Join us on 14 Sept, 18:00 CEST for some roadmap revelations and maybe a sneak-peek of upcoming features. As always, your questions are what we look forward to the most, so we’ve saved a lot of time for q&a. Click here to register.

For those who can’t make it, a recording will be made available afterward. For everyone else, we can’t wait to see you! :love_you_gesture: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Awesome! Just in case I don’t make it.

my question is…
Has AnyType looked into ICP (Internet Computer Protocol) or does the AnyType protocol work outside something like ICP?
It just sounds like a perfect fit for AnyType. I would not know the details of how it would work but the idea looks pretty intriguing.


Can’t wait! “maybe a sneak-peek” That’s interesting :smiley:


I would like to know a bit about the work on middle-ware and middle-ware team.

Background: My top concerned bug task not in search and its related bug objects not shown in (global) search palette depend on middle-ware team. :grinning:


+1! I found out The hard way I’m too dependent on search :sweat_smile:


Just missed it. Hope there’s a recording or summary posted soon.


Yeah, me too hehe

Usually within a day the link of the recording is posted. :wink:

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Recording link has been added to original post :slight_smile:


Thanks, I couldn’t properly join… My Internet had a sad day…


Thanks for sharing the recording! @Charlotte

Anton mentioned graph-view on mobile not be a priority. I get you point, the graph view itself is probably not the most important feature on mobile… but could you make the “flow-view” a priority for mobile?
Without either of these options, there is currently no real way to discover objects that link to the current object etc. and I assume the flow view could be a bit easier to integrate on mobile?


Awesome progress!

Thank you for taking my question.
I understand that the nodes could be hosted on ICP at some point but it is not needed right now. I am still working on my understanding of this because I still don’t fully understand how it would all work. The goal of this is to have ICP powering the nodes and also the ability to be discovered on the internet.

Also, something else that has come up is where the data is being stored. I know right it is very safe and secure. I am not worried about it at all.
What I am saying is that I found out that you can have your data hosted for only a one-time payment with Arweave which is something even Meta has started doing with Facebook and Instagram data.

I just think this is a great fit and idea to be able to do with AnyType. If AnyType could store the data on Arweave that would be cool.

When the embedded videos were mentioned. it would be cool if you could copy and paste the link to the video online like from YouTube or other sites and AnyType would automatically download the video file so that you would always have the video file in case it goes offline.

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Backlinks are already planned for the last quarter. I’m ofc assuming that these would also com to mobile.

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