January Update

Happy New Year!

While this month already feels like it’s been a year, I’m still confident that 2021 is going to be great.


What’s new at Anytype? Well, we’re still plugging away on databases. We showed off a very early build at the holiday party. For those curious, you can see a short clip in the [December update](December Update ?).

We’ll start testing a version with databases internally in about two weeks.


We’re at > 200 active alpha users now. We plan to grow that number five-fold in the next few months. There is some work that we need to do internally before we can throw the doors open.

I understand how frustrating the wait can be, especially if you have been waiting for some time. Many of you were hoping to use Anytype for college, or a project at work. However, the alpha is not for that.

Like any early-stage software project, our alpha is feature-incomplete and comes with bugs. We’re implementing a lot of new technologies to create this experience, and a level of uncertainty is to be expected.


We had great feedback from the holiday party in December, and I’ve been looking at ways we can host more events virtual events on a regular basis.

Since we’re based largely ±3 hours around Central European Time, I realise a live zoom call isn’t the best for everyone in the community. Right now, I’m leaning towards an AmA on our subreddit in mid-February. But if anyone has any other ideas, I would be delighted to hear them.

A subreddit? Yes! We have a [subreddit](https://reddit.com/r/Anytype) which I have neglected for too long. I am sorry for that, and I promise more content and swift responses from here on out.

This year is going to be great, and I look forward to spending it with you all.

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