It's promising. Still testing things

I really like the feeling of the UI, desktop and android. I’m sure I can find at least 1 main use to it, let’s try it out some more to find how most of features work.
Btw, on Android I can notices it is too easy so drag objects, I mean too much easy. Sometimes you create an horizontal line.

Still gotta make more testing.

Thanks for the invitation.

Oscar T.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts here @Scaro. How has your experience with Anytype been over the past few months?

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TBH I’ve been a bit away from the app due to work matters, but I can tell I like the side bar, it’s really helpful and makes things go smoother.

Things I’d like to be a bit different is the use of " / ". I know this is how one insert a command or feature, but when I’m writing some text that includes is (like DRC/033/2021) I’d rather prefer not to activate the command prompt.

Other thing is printing. I’m experiencing some text cut off in sheet transitions, like the images attached. I;d would appreciate to have the possibility of changing the printing layout.