It time to come back! (The Most Satisfied App Part II)

I wrote “The Most Satisfied App (Part I)” almost two years ago. Now, I am so excited to share my first impression about Beta:

I think it is the right time to come back to Anytype.

Two years ago, after learning about Anytype and attending the Alpha presentation, I highly recommended the software to my friends. My friend in SSPAI, a Chinese geek site, also wrote about it. To this day, readers still contact me through my comments below this article and want to join my WeChat group.

We shared our ideas about Anytype and our respective workflows in a WeChat group. After trying it for a few months, we were not comfortable with it because of some bugs and FEATURES issues. So, we gradually abandoned Anytype as our preferred note-taking application.

The group members also started to use the software they were more familiar with. I chose Notion, some chose Logseq, some chose Obsidian, and some chose Heptabase and Scrintal, but we still had a place in our hearts for Anytype because it was so unique and impressive.

In yesterday’s TownHall, Beta made me yearn for things like the powerful sidebar and customizable widgets, and end-to-end encryption. Not only does it provide fun beyond the usual note-taking, but it makes that fun secure. I can’t wait to tell my readers about this update and start writing about it (I’m also a site article contributor for sspai).




Thanks @billyxpz, we truly appreciate your kind words and endorsement of our software.

We’ve been on a journey of gradual but remarkable progress, and we’re thrilled to finally arrive at the Beta stage.

We couldn’t do it without the constant encouragement of our unwavering community along the way and we look forward to welcoming those who join us as we reach this important milestone!

Can’t wait to read your thoughts and reflections about Anytype!

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