It takes a long time for Anytype to close

@daanl Happens to me on both Windows and Linux, weird glitch.

+1 from me

For me it takes about 3 seconds to close until finally doing so on Windows 10.

I’m guessing that the shutdown involves a few additional steps before the application can finally close. Even if there are performance improvements which can be made, a visual acknowledgement that these steps are happening before shutdown would be beneficial.

Yeah, It takes a few moment to close on the 0.18.51 desktop version (Linux).

Yes, this has been discussed before in Telegram I believe, and there was some explanation from the devs as to why. But it’s good to have an issue report here about it. I don’t recall the explanation, but it sounded like it might be difficult to reduce the time much. So a “shutting down” pop-up message or something would be good.


I’m not sure if this is the same issue or not, but I tried to use the “Quit” option from the system tray, and it doesn’t work in Linux (never quits, the window doesn’t even close). After the update in the last day or so, my Mac now has the same symptoms.

This can be also be fixed with the minimize to system tray feature I guess since the app doesn’t need to completely close but just instead minimize from the view into the system tray

After rebooting my Mac AnyType respects the Quit option.

A wise idea though is if AnyType is stuck doing lots of processing and receives the HUP signal (on anything POSIX-like) a second time, you should just stop all the processing (kill all threads? I don’t know if you wrote this multi-threaded) and quit.

Describe the bug

When close in toolbar is clicked Anytype became white.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Click on Close
    1. See an error of white screen and anytype not quitting. have use menu bar to quit.

Expected behavior

When close in toolbar is clicked Anytype quits.

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Ubuntu
  • Device: Custom PC
  • Version: 0.18.58

Also had that problem a few minutes ago.

The anytype window became white and nothing happened. Couldnt even kill it through the menu bar.

I killed the process and then restarted Anytype. But I suspect, that there are things in the background that were not ended properly and so only a restart of my pc helped. Couldn’t reproduce it yet.


Just saw this post:

@kEbZeCK Yeah, it happens sometimes.

There are a lot of processes working on the background that needed to be kindly closed. That is why sometimes it takes time. But if you frequently experience this problem, you can try to launch it with profiler and send us the data for investigation:

Often applications take a few seconds to close. But I guess most of them do it in the background?

For example, if you keep an eye on the task manager and close Chrome, the app closes immediately, but you can see the process persists for a few seconds (or more).


Then how to explain that if we kill the app in the Task manager, it didn’t affect the app restart?

That way it shut down right away, but neither it delay the boot time nor causing any issues whatsoever.

I am on fedora and the app does not close at all. It just shows a white screen and I am forced to end all of its processes via system monitor. Weird cause I do not have this issue with windows

@JGsource sometimes it happens for me when i quickly close it after some doing some work

Hello all,
I didn’t had this problem in a long time.
Please write, if you still have it.

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