Issues with numbered lists on Android

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The Bugs
Currently, numbered lists work perfectly on desktop.
On Android, however, there are various bugs, the most noticeable of which are as follows:

# Description How to Replicate⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Example
1. When a list has another list within it (indented), proceeding numbers will follow this numbering, even if the indentation is no longer the same. 1. Open Anytype on Android
2. Create an object with a numbered list
3. Create another numbered list within the list (via indentation)
4. Continue the unindented list
The numbering of the indented list will continue.
Image (Android)

2. After a certain (inconsistent) amount of items, the numbering is either reset or incorrectly continues. 1. Open Anytype on Android
2. Create an object with a numbered list
3. Continue to add items to the list (minimum of 40 is required)
As more items are added, the numbering will continue incorrectly, occasionally changing.
Image (Desktop vs Android)

3. Regarding the issue above (and other similar bugs), the initial incorrect numbering only begins after list item 40. Gif (Android)

System Information
OS: Android 12
Anytype Version 0.4.4

Additional Context

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I have problem no. 2, starting with 35 blocks.

Block number 30 becomes number 1, when adding block 36 with ENTER from block number 35.

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The fix will be included in the next update.