Issues and missing features from one month of use

Hello everybody!

I’d like to start by saying how great this project has been. It has been exactly what I was looking for in a number of ways, and has helped me actually organize my information for the first time. After going through probably a dozen different notetaking apps, AnyType has been a far better fit than any of those even got close to. That said, I have noticed a number of issues and missing features that have ranged from mildly inconvenient to quite frustrating. I do not expect all, or even necessarily any, of these to be fixed or addressed; I am conscious that AnyType has a small team behind it with other priorities. I am hopeful, however, that this post helps to either bring more attention to ideas or issues, or even puts them in front of the developers for the first time.

Thank you!


  • No way to copy simple plaintext without formatting
  • No way to edit type or templates from object
  • Clicking a title in an inline set pulls options instead of opening them. The default should be to open on left click, and show options on right click.
  • Setting time for the due date is only available in grid view. This makes it difficult to use AnyType for appointments or scheduling.
  • If you open a second window and click for the sidebar to intelligently hide, content drops behind the sidebar on the first window as well, despite the sidebar not matching the drop away setting.
  • After you select text that is part of a block and highlight or delete the selection, often another part of the block gets selected, and sometimes even the action is applied to that instead of your intended selection.
  • Can’t indent the first line of a text block with tab
  • If you create a table and set an alignment for a row or column, then add another row or column, it does not keep that alignment.
  • Can use Ctrl-I/Ctrl-B/etc. for formatting when text is highlighted, but not to change what will be typed.
  • When exporting an object as a PDF, any popups export with the document. They can often block text.
  • After collapsing the sidebar, it is way too sensitive. It comes up when moving the mouse back into the window almost every time if it is split screen with another AnyType window or program. When this happens, it blocks everything.
  • There is no way to write “1.” at the beginning of a text block without it becoming a numbered list. Additionally, you can’t continue a numbered list after a text block; you have to continue it from the previous numbered list block.

Missing features:

  • No document split screen
  • You should be able to select text to add a comment, like in editors like LO Writer or MS Word. Very helpful for writing applications, and something present on many others.
  • Unrealistic feature request, but integration with tools like LanguageTool to have an option for actual in-depth grammar checking would save a tremendous amount of time.
  • No word count
  • I understand that the twelve-word mnemonic phrase is tremendously difficult to brute force, but that is not a replacement for any other walls between individuals and user data. There needs to be session management, an optional password, a second factor (ideally TOTP), etc.
  • There is no option to sort by how near the date is instead of the year. This would be extremely helpful for things like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Inline sets just appear as cards on mobile. Inline sets are really important for creating efficient workflows, but they are desktop-only.