Isolate relations

As any user keeps using Anytype, the Relations grow and grow :potted_plant:
In my case I have different use cases: my main job, my second job, my hobby and my personal thing.
Each of those have different relations created for the objects that I create in sets, but, every relation appears everywhere when I want to add a new one to an object. For example:

  • New invoice in job1 with a relation called “Provider” and another called “Wharehouse”

Now, Provider and Wharehouse appears as an option on every object, no matter if it’s about photography, or health. So, the thing is, is it possible to restrict some relations just for some objects? As now, starting to use AnyType as a main tool, I’m finding myself having to dive and investigate further whether to choose a relation or another because I’m not sure which ones I was using for each category, and the list is huge.



yes, it’s a common problem :confused:.

You can refer to…

… discussions like this one :

… FR like this one :


Thank you! I couldn’t find those posts as I didn’t know how to “explain” the issue that I’m facing. I decided to create relations with multiwords, like: “Job 1 - Invoices”, “Job 1 - Warehouse”, “Job 2 - Proposals” and so on

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