Is this how sets supposed to work?

Hi everyone.

I was curating my sets the other day and I noticed something which I think is a bit odd. When we select a column in the sets, we’re presented with a couple of options amongst are “delete” and “hide relation”. I would expect that deleting the relation, would delete all the mentioned relation for the objects in set and the hide option would just remove it as a column.

But in reality, both just remove the column from the set and leave the object and its relation intact. Is this how it’s supposed to work? I mean shouldn’t the delete option, delete the relation for all the object presented in the set? :thinking:

Sets are only a viewer of data rather than controller or parent so I guess that’s why. You can add, create, or remove relations from the set for use as columns, filters, and sorts (and grouping in kanban) so this options will just effect the functionality of the set itself.

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If I got @dzlg it’s about the UI.
It does seem to be a bit buggy to me.

There are a lot of changes in the pipeline for relations. So there may be changes in the near future hear anyway.

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yeah you are right but for most people it’s not just a way for showing objects. It’s also a database and I think it would be able to handle a lot of data at the same time rather than creating a new method for doing so. I mean why not use the set that we have now?

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