Is there anyway to recover my data when there is no passphrase?

I encounter the same issue here: Anytype doesn't start and thereafter cannot be closed

There is no response File->Object Diagnostics
There is no response Help->Anytype ID

If I backup and then remove the data, then the phrase is required, however, I put the phrase in the anytype notebook. Is there anyway to recover my data without passphrase? Or alternatively, is there any way to fix the bug of anytype?

Note: I used anytype on Apple Mac M1 from

I used the time machine to recover anytype data. anytype can start up now, however, the phrase is still required. I’m worried about my data as there is no automatical backup, while the user will never manually backup data day-by-day. Isn’t it the design hole of the data security? Why doesn’t anytype read the old data directly when I revert the data?

Hey @hysci,
I’m not sure, if I get your problem correctly, but will try to make some things more clear.
The passphrase is used, to decrypt your data, which is stored on the Anytype server.
It isn’t technically needed to read your local data. Though I don’t think there is no way to use Anytype without having validatet yourself at least once.

If you remove your data and you don’t have the passphrase, you can’t sync your data from the Anytype server. (Maybe you could, but you can’t decrypt it).

If you don’t sync with any type (hehe) of server or other device, that is the case with every other software too, right? That’s what the Anytype server is used to.

Reading the data, wiithout you having put in your passphrase?

  • If I remove the local data and I cannot sync local data without passphrase, it is exactly every other software does. The difference is other software has ways to recover password by e-mail, phone messages, security questions or etc, while any type cannot probably because it uses blockchain technology.

  • If I don’t remove the local data but any type cannot read it, it maybe caused by the corruption of the data or the bug of any type. Other software such as Microsoft Word can recover at least part of the corrupted file, but any type cannot read any content.

  • If I don’t sync with any type server because of network issues or the corruption of the data or the bug of any type, then I revert the data to the day (probably two month ago) when the state is good. It cannot read the data without passphrase. It is not expected because I don’t need passphrase with the latest (probably corrupted) local data in the same device, i.e., the login succeeds, but any type shows nothing except black background.

I suspect there is a time limit that if the data is not opened for e.g., two months, then the login is out-of-dated. It is the mechanism like the cookie session time, but I can only see “log out” in the settings but no time-related settings. Is it my case because the recovered data is about 2 month ago?

  • If I copy the local data to another device, and then open it with the newly installed any type, it is expected that the passphrase is required.

Recovering passwords etc. works because of some instance, that can verify you. This will not be the case, once Anytype is not using its own server for syncing anymore. So it behaves like every other (good) encryption. If you loose the key, nobody can help you with that (that’s not a special blockchain thing).

Such things maybe come later. Though Word’s “recover” function never worked for me :sweat_smile:
The better plan than hoping for a good recovery function is doing proper sync and backups in my opinion. So such functions aren’t even needed. And a lot of software works without it.

Regarding the “Anytype is not opening local data without the passphrase” may just be a logical thing, that just wasn’t considered. Thats why you have to be online at least the first time.
I don’t know of any session that expires, but I’m using Anytype nearly every day.

In my understanding, once Anytype isn’t using this invite thing anymore (no passphrase needed, when no uploading happens), you should be able to copy your unuencrypted data everywhere and read it without internet connection. This is probably a thing because of the alpha and this set up currently used by the team.

Thanks for the explanation that helps me avoid the potential pit. I’m Looking forward to the any type update that does not using its own server for the synchronization.

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