Is there a way to make a template generate a different attachment or text each day?

Can I set it up so that every August 1rst the Text “Say Happy Birthday to Rob” Shows up on my dashboard? or on the making of a “new” diary entry that specific day?

Or is there a way to do this with attahcments so that on certain dates the files I’m supposed to read for that day automatically comes up on Aug 1 or any date?

Sorry I don’t know the name for this. Would this be part of a calendar thing?

None of that is unfortunately possible atm. The closest you can get is to use an inline set in your dashboard and filter it by today. Then you can create a Rob human object, and add a date to it. Then when August 1st comes, he will automatically show up in your inline set in your dashboard.

Ok, so for my purposes, what you’ve suggested is actually working fine. I’ve simply created empty journal entries for the upcoming week and attached several pages of study material to each one. Then I created an inline set on my dashboard with the “today” filter. So each day, I’ll have the entry with the study materials I plan on delving into that day just pop up on my dashboard.

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