Is there a way to add (fav)icons to bookmarks manually?


the more I work with bookmarks within AnyType, the more I like the powerful concepts behind it as an object type. While other apps like Notion only allow to create richlink webmarks, AnyType also allows to edit the name and description of such richlinks and even add any kind of information to it. The only thing I haven’t found so far is how to add a target icon (favicon or whatever) if the automatic fetching of data from the link target fails to include such an icon. For example, I have created some links to as bookmarks, but none of them has the icon. Is there any way to add this manually in the object edit interface?

Doesn’t seem to be a way currently.

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Thanx - my hope was that there’s a particular relation where those images are stored and I just haven’t found that relation so far.

I vaguely remember one existing before in the alpha app, but it’s no longer visible in the beta app. Although I don’t remember if it was ever editable.

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