Is Data secure or can Data be overwritten?

Is Data secure already or can Data be overwritten by the Programm itself due to updates or (known) bugs?

Data: photos, text, links, or whatever. And also, Sets and their structure. As i read something of thinking about restructering the idea of objects, realtions, sets.

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Data is always secure and the way updates are structured is that they are always backwards compatible so your data remains safe, but keep in mind that this an alpha build so do not keep sensitive or any type of data that cannot be replaced as very rarely can there be data loss.

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Hey, thanks for the question. The data stored for each object consist of the changes you made to the document since the creation. There is no way to overwrite old changes because they are immutable(they have content-addressable filenames). BTW there is still a chance that due to some kind of bug these changes can be lost from your local machine. In this case, you can download these missing changes from other devices that have your anytype account authorized or from our cafe(backup) node which is now provided for free for all objects. Later, when we will introduce object sharing it can be also a way to ensure your data has some redundancy.


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The question of overwritten data remains open to me.

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