Is Anytype now steadily to use?

Is Anytype now steadily to use? I want to use it to create a Book set to starting to make a collection of all my highlights.

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Yeah, actually it has been for a while. I personally use it for both my personal use ( hobbies, passion projects, etc.) and also for my work ( research and study).

Feel free to give it a go and I would be happy to answer any follow up questions.

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Love that! Thanks!

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I use it on a daily basis and I transferred most of my stuff to Anytype already so in my opinion it is stable enough.

Please remember that it is an alpha version so make sure that you keep your most important data backed up just in case.

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What type of backup practices do people usually employ? Export to markdown or backup the anytype2 folder?

I’m curious on what recovery looks like in either scenario. After looking at a markdown export, it looks like the data loses some fidelity to be able to restore it back 100% (types & relations.)

In the scenario where you need to restore the anytype2 folder, is it as simple as replacing your existing anytype2 folder with one you previously backed up? What’s that handshake look like once you “sync” again?


I would say yes but use with caution. It is still an Alpha after all. Make sure you have backups (outside Anytype) of important data. But that goes for all important data to be fair. I would also say, it your notetaking app is critical for your workflow start with small steps, test it and if you feel comfortable start importing/using it more and more.

I would also advice to only start using Anytype if it has everything you need at this moment, in this version! Don’t use it based on hope that feature ‘x’ or ‘y’ gets added in the future! That could take month/years or maybe never.

When it comes to backup Anytype I honestly don’t know what is best. But I currently don’t want to make Anytype my main notetaking tool (still have minor sync issues and features missing before I trust it enough to start going all in). So any info in Anytype is copied from Evernote (my main notetaker at this moment) and that way I have my Anytype backup.


I use a similiar approach - I copy all my important stuff over to a different app (just to keep in in raw data format) so I can go back to them if I ever need to. It only takes a second but provides good enough backup option if anytyhing hapens.

We’re working on a process right now for proper export and import of your Anytype data. We will provide this before public launch.


when will be the public launch?, this year?

Yep! We’re aiming for this spring, April/May.