iOS users📱 We need your tips on shortcuts!

Hey folks! :wave:

While we were working on the Sharing Extension for mobile, we heard from some Antypers that adding support for iOS shortcuts would also be pretty handy.

We’re looking to gather some quick insights, so we’d like to know:

:one: In which scenarios or use-cases are you using shortcuts?

:two: What shortcuts should Anytype support to make your life easier?

Please drop your thoughts below :point_down:

Thanks a bunch!

Relevant: Intro to Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad – Apple Support (UK)

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One of the first things that comes to mind is simply the ability to quickly capture a thought or reminder using Siri. I use Anytype for overall task management, but still Apple’s native reminders app for reminders because of the lack of quick capture and notifications. I’d love it if all of that was baked into Anytype so that my workflows were even more unified. For example:

“Siri, remind me to bake carrots today at 3pm.” = reminder at 3pm,

More complex would be I could then set up a shortcut to record that reminder in an Anytype Object so that I’m able to see a record of what I’ve cooked for my kids over teh past week or two so that they don’t get burned out on carrots. This also applies to many other workflows of course as well. Set reminder, record reminder, view record of them for posterity, and then rinse + repeat.


Although I don’t have an iPhone, I still want to say Tana Capture is a good reference point.


The Inbox module plays an important role in my note-taking system. Whenever something that needs to be recorded flashes in my mind, I will quickly enter it into the inbox and then organise it in detail as time permits. To further improve efficiency, I would like the system to provide shortcuts that allow me to quickly record directly from the main interface without having to open Anytype. In this way, the recordings will be automatically filed in the inbox. It would also be useful to have a multimodal entry feature that supports voice, clipboard and scanned documents to make recording more convenient and diverse. Such optimisation will enable me to organise and utilise note content more efficiently.


Currently, I’m using iOS’s Shortcuts to open the AT app as quickly as possible by Double tap on the back of my phone.

For my thoughts on further developments:

:one: In which scenarios or use-cases are you using shortcuts?

Most often, actions needing more than two steps or taking time to load the (heavy) app, eg:

  • Recording Voice Memo and Saving it to note-taking app with pre-defined scripts
  • Save URL to Omnivore

:two: What shortcuts should Anytype support to make your life easier?

In my practice, AT mobile’s app is mostly used for:

  • Quickly capture: photo/screenshots, highlights/bookmarks, recordings, or input unedited, simple-formatted texts
    :arrow_forward: Quickly capturing and saving to AT with pre-defined scripts (destination, highlights, tag,…) should be a must-have

  • Review/reflect (read-only) the notes I carefully crafted on my other devices (PC/Laptop)
    :arrow_forward: Maybe a Shortcut to show 5 titles of my latest notes in AT so I can review them before tapping a title to open the app and read the entire note

P/s: Like @LavaC metioned, Tana Capture looks good :smiley:

  • Add Reminders and calendar entries
  • Launching apps
  • Quick new entry with Siri (i’m using a lot the Anytype home screen widget)

I agree with others that Tana capture app is great, I’m using it especially for audio recording that can be transcribed with AI


Use cases:
Simple note capture: 1-click creation of note in an inbox with g=hgighlighted content
Task creation: Create a task with due date plus optional reminder
Complex capture: can add tags, relations as part of the capture process


Definitely this. If AnyType shortcuts could include content, dates, tags, and relations, it would allow for Shortcuts workflows that seamlessly integrate info in either direction with other apps. I’m thinking especially of read-later apps that have good Shortcuts support, like GoodLinks. Also thinking of Reminders and other to-do apps (until/unless AnyType integrates system notifications).


Seconding the voice memo thing… short of a voice recorder built in that would be a great way to get audio into Anytype fast.

Also: a shortcut action to get the content and relations of a note. Even if it’s json is fine.

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I want global shortcuts (on all devices, especially Mac). When you press a keyboard shortcut no matter what app you’re in and it still works for AT. Ideally this would be configurable too - and even better if we could have multiple.

E.g. you press the shortcut and a new specific object in a specific space opens up. I might want one for a new note in my personal space or a new idea for my business space


  • creating predefined Objects like templates.
  • Importing Contacts
  • importing links with a picker for Relations (in my case Tags or Type

Thank you!


2- When I used Apple Notes, I had a shortcut that worked as my own personal web clipper. It would copy the title and the body for the article and paste it into a brand new Note.

Whenever possible, I like to save the contents of the articles that I save, just in case in the future they are deleted.

So for me, the capability to create pages and edit them would be really cool. I would be able to adapt that shortcut into Anytype

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HI, I use Shortcuts extensively for simple and complex integrations, such as passing data from one app to another (Drafts to+from Things etc) or passing input from Shortcuts input actions to an app (eg quick text note, clipboard).

The basic shortcuts I would like to see are the get and set actions for single andmultiple objects, plus a callback url function for more complex interactions.

So that would include:

  • create item/object with parameters (eg to chain and pass data from another app into a new object, or to get input from a Shortcuts input action and pass to new object)

  • search items/objects (eg to get data from an object or list of objects to pass to another app)

  • edit object parameters (eg update object relations, append etc)

  • or, an X callback url scheme to run actions in shortcuts (I use url scheme a lot with apps which do not have Shortcuts support).

  • Url scheme would also offer deep links to quickly link from one app to another,
    (eg I can quickly open a note in Drafts from a reminder in Things app to continue working on it)

Things app has recently been awarded for its Shortcuts integration which pretty much covers all use cases Things Shortcuts Actions - Things Support

Thank you!

(ps, I selected Beta type on sign up as there was no other option - not sure what it means?)

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I’d like to see the following:

  • Importing from other note programs
  • Creating new objects based off of specific templates
  • Show a Favorites (or other) list of objects at a glance. This can probably just be showing a specific in-app widget
  • A “Sort By” function
  • Better integration overall with Siri

The biggest one for me is adding support for widgets outside of the app since you can only add one (Create New Object) and it’s currently limited to the lock screen.