IOS typing Enter in text block creates a new block

When creating a new note on my ipad (ios)
I start typing in the text block and hit enter/return to have a new line of text
On every enter it creates a new text block
This makes selecting text on multiple blocks impossible
Am i doing

Thanks @luccomo for the report, and welcome to the Community!

I’ve forwarded it to our issue tracker and it was received by the Development Team.

yo @luccomo, thank you for this report, I see your pain.

To be transparent, our initial and only goal for the iPad version was to offer a full-size keyboard experience as requested by the community. As a result, it has several limitations and lacks an optimal iPad user experience.

Currently, our primary focus is on refining and releasing the iOS version. Unfortunately, this means we are unable to dedicate resources to improving the iPad app right now.

Rest assured that we will turn our attention to enhancing the iPad app and providing a better user experience a little later on :sparkles:

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