iOS only syncs at app startup

Describe the bug
The iOS app (version 0.7.0, iOS 15.2) syncs content after the startup of the app, but after that initial sync, it won’t download changes made on another device (Windows and Mac) anymore (but it does upload changes made on the app to the other devices) until I force quit the app and start it again. The sync icon is green.

To Reproduce

  1. Open the app after force quitting it.
  2. Open a page.
  3. The page syncs correctly, green dot appears.
  4. Update the page on another device.
  5. Wait for sync.
  6. The page on iOS won’t download the changes no matter what (green dot still).
  7. Force quit the app.
  8. Reopen the app and open the page.
  9. Now it syncs.

Expected behavior
At steps 6 the app should download the changes but it doesn’t. Restarting the app is the only solution right now.

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Sometimes it take time the app to sync. Try restarting it and wait a bit.
If it still has an irrelevant state, please proceed with this guide: Sync problems, White screen or not responding, high resource consumption - #5 by Vova

Thank you for your answer.
Sync works well after restarting, but it’s the only moment where it works. Otherwise it will never sync the same object again before the next restart, but maybe the ios app doesn’t support that.
It’s a small problem though, as restarting solves it.

We will release the app within 2 weeks with huge update having syncing enhancements as-well
Please wait a bit, and I hope new version will solve your issue


Thank you for the heads-up @Vova. I’ll be looking forward to the update.

For the sake of documenting this issue here’s my experience:

I’m also having this problem - though on iOS 14.7.1.

It seems that it can (sometimes) be fixed by entering edit mode in iOS, doing some edits on another device (Windows Desktop in my case). After that the changes seem to be synced back and forth just fine.

I have not yet found a reliable way to reproduce this.

@tempapy @herb
How were your syncing experiences with the version 0.11.0?

Hey @Flip

Thanks for the followup. The syncing when viewing the same page seems much more snappy between Windows (0.25.0) and iOS (0.11.0).

However some of my Sets appear empty in iOS but not in Windows:

Not syncing






But maybe that’s out of scope for this thread because it just doesn’t sync at all. Not after a restart of both OS’ apps either.

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Thank you for the information. We will leave it open for now.

Had the same problem today.