IOS Mobile app showing Relations as deleted

I found this topic here with a resolved status but I think is not.
I’m playing with Any for the first time, and I created a few relations on a page and then a Set. Everything is working perfectly on desktop but the mobile app in my iPhone was showing all relations as deleted relations.
I restarted the app and now I can see everything, but I believe we are still having some issues in the sync, right?


Hey @Clavdivs
Please make sure to stick to the templates as much as possible as we are missing important data otherwise.

Is your issue reproducible? How?
What devices, versions, operating systems are you using?

It happens every time I create new objects for this set. And Yes, I’m using a template.
I’m using a MAC OS 13.5.2 (22G91) M1 and an iPhone 13 Pro Max. with app version 0.27.21