iOS keyboard is missing auto-correct/suggestions bar

Describe the bug
Above the keyboard there is no autocorrect/suggestion bar. Makes it difficult to type well.

To Reproduce
Open a note or create one and start typing

Expected behavior
Expectation of autocorrect bar visible above keyboard

System Information:

  • OS: iOS 15.0.2
  • iPhone 12
  • Anytype Version: 0.6.0

Additional context

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Click done. Then you should see it.

Hmmm after I click done, the keyboard is minimized / goes away entirely

Yeah, it does not show. Just verified myself. We have again press to for it too show.

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Anytype for Android also seems to have the same problem - autocorrect isn’t enabled for the software keyboard. The suggestions bar does appear, but mistyping a word won’t cause it to autocorrect.

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Should be solved in the next version!


is it also the reason that it can’t type language other than English? (or non-latin based, I’m not sure) I tried Chinese and Japanese, neither of them works…


On the latest 0.5.0 version of Anytype for Android that was released yesterday, it appears that certain keyboards have problems with autocorrection, while others autocorrect as expected. Gboard and the default integrated Samsung Keyboard don’t autocorrect, but Microsoft SwiftKey and OpenBoard do.

The lack of autocorrect on some keyboards certainly isn’t a game-breaking bug, but it may cause some users discomfort, and might impact their typing speed.