iOS - keyboard - allowing selecting from block menu via arrows

Is your feature request related to a problem?
When typing “/checkbox” via an external keyboard, it is not possible to select the “checkbox” block from the menu shown with the keyboard. It’s only possible via touching the screen.

Just pressing enter doesn’t work because of the system’s “word suggestions” and arrow down to select the shown menu entry also doesn’t work.

Describe the solution you’d like
Allow using the arrow down to select the menu entries. Or even better, when the menu is opened anyway, preselect the first entry to make it usable via “enter”.


Just to be sure, this is the same as my “Enter opens the first menu entry.”? (See A comprehensive anytype first impression

Yes and No. The first entry should always be selected by default. But in this case it’s not even possible to select an entry with the keyboard. The focus just doesn’t change to the menu.

Got it. Are you using something like a tablet+keyboard setup?

I tried my bluetooth keyboard on my iPad for Anytype yesterday for the first time. So not a regular user at this time.

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