iOS: How can I copy multiple lines?

Hello all,
how can I mark and copy multiple lines of text in Anytype on iOS? I would like to paste text written in Anytype into different apps on iPhone.


It’s not possible now, but it’s in development.
Average ETA ~3 weeks


It still does not seem to work. Is there any news in the meantime?


I too still experience this issue on 0.11

I also still experience this issue on 0.11

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This feature is not implemented yet. Would love if you integrated it.

I do believe that this feature has been implemented - you should be able to multi-select blocks with a long press and select “copy” from the popup bar.

Does this solve this issue?

No, I meant just the select option in iOS. You can only select one line, not multiple. That‘d be useful to copy longer text into text processors such as Word.

Maybe that’d be best as a separate feature request - the already-existing method of copying text works to copy text across multiple blocks and that would solve the initial request by OP.

We have several ides how to address this problem :smiling_imp:
It could take some time but it will be done as a part of ongoing initiative on polishing editor ux