iOS app Document Storage defaults to iCloud

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AnyType for iOS requires access to Document Storage and the default location there is iCloud Drive. I don’t know what is being stored there, but if it is the synced object data, I can see it causing a lot of trouble for people with more than one iOS device.

Describe the solution you’d like

In my opinion, AnyType should create its own Location in the Files App, like Dropbox, iCloud Drive or Resilio Sync do. This would give it a lot more control over the filesystem and allow for awesome potential plugins in the future such as photo library sync with some tweaks.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Of course, there is the possibility of setting the Document Storage location to “On my iPhone” and never allowing the user to select any other location, but this doesn’t seem like such a good solution long-term. The only app that I know does something like this with its core data is Möbius Sync, a wrapper for SyncThing, which always uses “On my iPhone” as far as I know. This is, because those files are meant to be accessed exclusively from the Files app, which is not the case of AnyType.

From my point of view, if AnyType doesn’t create its own Location, it should just not give the option for the users to change the Document Storage location and simply hide the files away from the user.


Hey! We had enabled iCloud storage by default. It’s not the right behaviour, so in the current release it is disabled. There will be no Document Storage item in the application settings, no data will be transferred to iCloud

So if you using Anytype and want to delete Anytype’s iCloud backup you need to make a few steps.

    1. Open Settings -> tap on Apple ID Settings (the first item in the settings)
    1. Tap on iCloud -> Manage Storage -> Backups -> iPhone (This IPhone)
    1. Search for Anytype and turn switch on the left
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