iOS 0.10.0 released

iOS :apple: 0.10.0

“Nigh on Unity Edition”

Our third update for 2022 is a big one. After just 5 months, our devoted iOS team are rapidly reaching feature-parity with our Android and desktop partners. With this update, you can now work with relations, see Sets, navigate our settings and easily create beautiful bookmarks.

There are so many great features coming this year as we work to bring a native Anytype experience to your iPhones and iPads. Thank you all for your continued support, bug reports, and feature requests.

Sets are making their way to the iPhone, initially read-only and locked to grid view. Future updates this year will unlock more features.
Relations are no longer read-only, allowing you to add, remove, and edit relations from your phone, all inside an easy-to-use interface designed for iPhone.

:bookmark::sparkles: Easy bookmarks on the canvas. Pasting links inside the editor will automagically create a new bookmark block without any extra taps!
:gear: Major restructuring of the Settings menu. Panels for your account and data, default object types, dark mode, wallpaper, and application icon.


Thanks for the update :+1:
Have you also made changes to the syncing?
From the first look it seems that my objects are now properly synced.

Relating to:

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Hey! There were some changes made that could solve this problem during another task :smile:
Yes, it seems like it has been fixed.