Invite code is invalid 🙃

Hello :wave:
I’m very excited to test this app, but the invite code does not work :pensive:

Please send me another code :pray:
With respect :heart:

Same here! Hoping the issue is resolved soon!

Same here too. just tried to use the code after the Onboarding Video invite and it didn’t work

Same for me! I tried it on Mac / iPhone / iPad does not work.

Invite code is not working for me either. Tried on both Windows and Android.

Same problem here on Windows Desktop app.

Also happening here! Linux desktop

@Vova can you help us? please :sos:

Same for me! Windows Desktop app & IOS app

Same here! The code was invalid. Tried on macOS Desktop.

Same here !!! iOS and windows both told me that my code is invalid!! Hope we could get the right code.

I received a new invitation code, and it worked, problem solved :star_struck:
I will publish my feedback soon.
Thank you :pray: