Invite code invalid 2

I received an invite code from Anytype on November 14, but it will not work. I have tried contacting them (three times so far) but I’m not getting a response.

I can see this was a problem 25 days ago (per a search in this community) but the issue was apparently solved. Not sure what to do.

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Where do you contacted the team? is being worked on all weekdays and should get you help in at least 2-3 days. If that didn’t happen your email may not be delivered so far. Is that the case?

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@Sicahjes Hi there and welcome to the Community, we’re happy to have you!

Just want to clarify that I responded to your email on the morning of Nov 17th (Berlin time), the same day it was received. I also verified your account here in the Community within a minute of it’s creation, even though you wrote on Reddit that we didn’t respond. I have all the support activity logs in front me, so I’m as baffled as you are…very sorry for the confusion nonetheless :melting_face:

Invalid invite codes are a rare thing nowadays.

Seeing the Invalid Code prompt is most often due to:

  • Incorrectly entering the invitation code, or using one intended for the forum.
    (Please carefully check your invite email, the code would shown in the first box at the top of the message.)


  • using VPN or a unique network configuration which is blocking Anytype from validating the code.

In this case, please try again on another network, or using your mobile device as a hotspot. You can also valid the code and create your Anytype account on your mobile device, by downloading Anytype iOS or Android, and then use your Recovery Phrase to login on Desktop.

I will send you your invite code in DM, plus an extra just in case. Please confirm that they work.