Invite Code and App don't work


I registered for the anytype a few months ago. Due to some issues with my email-account I saw the mail with the invite code today, though it has been sent in march. I’m not sure if maybe this is at fault. I installed the App via the latest Windows setup, chose a name and entered the code.

Then all i saw is the menu, the background and a white box. No Icons, nothing to click on and nothing to write/type something. I think the home-screen didn’t load or something? I just didn’t work.

I tried creating an object with via the menue, but it only opened anytype a second time, asking me for the code. I tried importing some notion pages but that didn’t work either. Closing and restarting the App did nothing and after I tried rebooting my laptop it just tells me my invite code is invaild.

Could I probably get another invite code without having to wait a few months or is there any other way to fix it?

Thank you for your help!

@Angelo Could you help here?

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Hello! Thank you for your help!

The issue seems to be fixed now. In case anyone runs into this, I will leave this post up for a bit.

The windows firewall settings were actually the cause of the issue. After trying again a couple of times I got a notification about it and could solve the problem.

If you run into the same problem, check if there is a hidden dialogue field from your windows firewall. It might not show up at first - that was what caused my confusion :sweat_smile:

Have a lovely day!

PS: I really love anytype so far :smiley:


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